Till Sunbeams Find You


POSTER copyAbove is the poster for my second short film entitled, Till Sunbeams Find You, which I’m very excited to announce will be premiering on Vimeo.com August 2nd (I will also be uploading it to watch here). The film stars a very talented friend of mine from high school, Dana Jordan, who is making her debut as an actress in her role as Claire. I play the male lead, Dan. My producer for the picture is another good friend of mine from high school, Arthur Samia, and his younger brother Richard did a fantastic job as our director of photography. This is the first foray into cinema for both of the Samias, and I am very honored to have them on board.

Till Sunbeams Find You is an entirely original short film. I’ve had the idea for it spinning in my head since December of 2012, and was very excited to write the script sometime in April after having scouted locations in Durham, NC, where the picture was filmed. The film took four shooting days (over a three week period), and for those of you who saw my first film, Object of Refraction, I’m sure you will be pleased to hear there is a lot of dialogue in this one! I tried to take a big leap from my last film, and I hope you all will enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “Till Sunbeams Find You

  1. Joan Shanahan

    Jerry- I love the poster- It is awesome!!! I can hardly wait for the film. Your lead actress looks like the actress Monica Potter. I also love the title-very poetic!! love you, aunt joan.


  2. Tyler Zimmerman

    I’m really looking forward to this short film! Especially after viewing and enjoying Object of Refraction, I’m sure this one will be just as good if not better! Can’t wait!

  3. Bruce Cairns

    Jerry: DZ pointed me to your site. I thoroughly enjoyed “Object of Refraction” and am looking forward to “Till Sunbeams Find You”. All on this blog is very impressive-nice work.

  4. Michael Rierson

    Jerry–Very moving, very gritty, very multi-faceted. I liked it a ton. I could see the plotline going in several directions…the ending was quite intense and meaningful. The title, the music, Dana–loved them all. You and Dana and all those glances–it was captivating. Question–where is it feel better–in front of or behind the camera? Godfather

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