Hold the Ladder


Here is commercial I made for a company called Lock Laces. Ultimately they decided not to use it in their campaign (such is business, such is life!). I once again teamed up with the Samia brothers, who worked on Till Sunbeams Find You, with Richard as my camera operator and Arthur as the boom mic operator. The commercial also features a very talented young neighbor of mine (I won’t say more here as it would compromise the effectiveness of the commercial). And if you are new to TWR, I am the guy in the commercial; nice to meet you. Additionally, the commercial features the music of the great Django Reinhardt (whom I was introduced to by Woody Allen in Sweet and Lowdown). In my admittedly unprofessional opinion with regards to the world of advertising, I felt the best approach to this project was to make a very short commercial (run-time is only about 20s) that people would  want to share (who has the patience for anything longer these days??). In doing so, I felt the visibility of the company would propagate. As the company decided they did not want to buy the finished product from me, I still retain all rights to the material and I do not benefit monetarily or otherwise from how many people watch it. That legal stuff being said, I still would like to share my video with the world and hope you all will enjoy it and, in turn, share!



4 thoughts on “Hold the Ladder

  1. Tyler Zimmerman

    Another great performance Jerry! It’s a shame they didn’t buy your ad, as I thought it to be very effective! Well played, and as always keep up the good work.

  2. Joan Shanahan

    JZ- I loved it!! Very funny- loved your choice of music and narration! So glad you retain the rights- you never know…. Your biggest fan, A. Joan


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