Chocolat Cake



“Rachel, I just can’t get over that cake you made. It was so delicious!”

“That cake was a hit, Rachel. Did you see how quickly it disappeared? I may or may not have been responsible for three of those pieces!”

“It’s amazing how much better this party was with your dessert. I feel like it really livened everyone up, don’t you?”

“Normally I crash after eating a dessert this rich, but I feel like I could run a marathon now.”

“The recipe… I don’t want it; I need it!”

The unanimous reaction to my most recent creation was positive. It was nice to get a sense of what famous chefs must experience on a regular basis. I’ve never found the supply of accolades directed towards me to be superfluous, so while they were certainly there in volume, I could have done with a few more. My friends were nearly bouncing off the proverbial walls, much to my satisfaction. Though I’m admittedly a novice when it comes to baking, I understand ingredients. That is to say I’m aware of how ingredients affect people. A sprinkle of this or a teaspoon of that can be the difference between, “that’s delicious,” and, “that’s interesting.” The most potent elements can make or break a dish; so careful implementation is essential.

“What do you call your cake?”

“Hadn’t thought about it. How about Chocolat Cake?” I answered.

Oui! French! Very chic!” Maddie was almost screaming.

“I have to know, Rachel, what is the secret to your recipe?” Christine asked.

“Coke,” I replied matter-of-factly.

“Oh I’ve heard of using Coke in cakes, but I’ve never tried it myself! I’m not adventurous enough. Now that I know how good it is though I’ll have to make it for my kids!” Kate exclaimed.

“I guess only parents really know what’s good for their children,” I replied.

I had a good feeling that people would enjoy the cake, but I was sure the secret ingredient would shock them. It hadn’t. As a matter of fact they seemed even more excited when I revealed it. Unlike when a magician divulges his or her sleight of hand causing belief in magic to evaporate, when I showed my hand I furthered my célébrité. Even Kate, since when was so open-minded? Kate was correct in her self-classification. She is likely the most unadventurous of all my friends, but the excitement with which she spoke edged on unrealistic. All judgment aside, of one thing I am absolutely certain: it was the first time any of them ever had cocaine.

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